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Important deadlines
May 31, 2012
Registration and abstract submission

May 31, 2012
Conference fee payment

September 21, 2012
Full paper submission

Deparment of Statistics at Wrocław University of Economics
Komandorska Str. 118/120.
53-345 Wrocław

e-mail: QoL2012@ue.wroc.pl

Since year 1999 we organize traditionally in September and in Wroclaw our international conferences (earlier only national-wide conference were organized) on the Quality of Life. Every time we emphasize one chosen aspect of QoL, but not limiting scope of discussion. On the QoL 2012 Conference we want to emphasize the most important, in some sense, aspect of human life in community: we propose discussion about quality of life from individual point of view and simultaneously from the development of human civilization. Thus we invite on QoL 2012 Conference psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, economists and representatives of social policy. Everyone wants to live well. We all want to live well, but surely not according to the principle après moi, le déluge. Let us live well, but also let us live well other people, not only here and now, but also these people that will be after us. Let us live well, but not at the expense of other people. Human being is social animal, zoon politikon, that is homo socius and homo familus, a human being not only exists, but also co-exists with others. Very long ago, Greeks loving wisdom, gave us patterns of symbiosis, that is common life, calling asocial egoists as idiots. We, in today’s world, began to act reversely, calling an idiot that person, who does not observe first canon of welfare economy, that is “egoism”, which essence is not changed by euphemism rational self-interest. Instead of co-existence and co-operation we began to glorify competition. Common life is not a sport competition. Let us finish to compete, to fight, to win and to conquer. Let us start common to live and common to create. To create common Europe, as well as our tiny local community in our parish, county and province. Let us common consider, common dispute about common problems, in community with future generations. There are many problems, from large as choice of social model in common built Europe to tiny as oppressive noisy neighbors or whining of dog left alone in closed room. Besides title issues: sustainable and stable social development, we intend to consider especially social righteousness, economic and social polarization, equity in charging society obligatory tributes in form of taxes and other inconveniences hindering human life, equity in access to health-care, education and culture, intergenerational righteousness etc. We want to take into consideration necessity of including quality of life in system of properly constructed social indicators, new generation indicators. 

Our plans are ambitious. Success of conference depends on its participants. Our conference is not the only such conference: each year for several years there have been announced conferences, congresses, seminars and workshops on quality of life, organized by different institutions, which are usually autonomous, for themselves and among themselves. Even in one academic centre are realized projects, written books without cooperation with others working on the same problems. Independently and paradoxically there is a dispute on quality of life among experts, that is such persons, which have been experienced quality and which besides theoretical knowledge know what life is good and know how to arrange life, to be good.

Publications after previus conferences on quality of life organized by Department of Statistics: